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Our Challenge

Founded by one of the most popular LoL players in the world, Carlos 'Ocelote' Rodriguez, Gamers2 was a team organization that was competing in the ECS but was looking to the future. Carlos was looking to evolve the Gamers2 into an esports powerhouse. G2 would replace Gamers2. The brand needed to make a lasting visual impact that would shed the Gamers2 of old

Our Approach

Working closely with Carlos ‘Ocelote’ Rodriguez, G2’s founder and CEO, we distilled the G2 identity into what best represented his vision. Aspiration, attitude, battle-scarred and envied for wisdom and strength

Creative Process

For our initial design concepts, we sought to unearth a core visual symbol that would form the basis of the logo. The Samurai was the perfect fit. Our Creatives artfully blended a Samurai frame with a hand illustrated typeface. We finished it off with a battle scar in a sharp diagonal slash symbolizing the fight and spirit Carlos was putting in to get to the top


Years in retrospect now, the once European Challenger Series team has become a European dynasty with multiple LEC titles and a MSI trophy on top. G2’s continued excellence is also demonstrated in CS:GO, Rocket League, Rainbow 6: Siege and Racing Sims.

There is still no better fit than the patient, strong and wise Samurai to symbolize what Carlos has achieved with G2 .

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