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Our Challenge

In 2015, spearheaded by the legendary Johan ‘N0tail’ Sundstein, Monkey Business was formed. We reached out to Johan and wanted to support him and his friends so we can build together, strategize and market a team organization from ground zero

Our Approach

DOTA is very close to the hearts. We wanted to make a statement and be rebellious in the face of “perfect”. Inspired by counter-culture, we took a direction that will allow anyone to express themselves unapologetically. An identity which one would wear proudly in-game and outside the virtual realism. Thus, OG was born

The Name

Upon the brand release we only revealed its initials. Everyone wanted to know its full name which is... nice try, not telling you! However, the DOTA community took matters into their own hands. Within days, OG interpretations such as "Oriental Gangsters", "Overpowered Gorillas" or "Obnoxious Grandpas" started circulating the community. We made wristbands as a follow up

The Jersey

The original jersey was all about performance. We wanted to exude a competitive and sports-like feel so it is no surprise that the main inspiration behind the concepts were the All Blacks, New Zealand's finest

We supported the team in building the brand, running operations and sourced one of Germany’s most popular electro-music photographers to attend the major in Frankfurt for the brand’s first time in the spotlight

The Logo

Colour was our starting point when designing the logo. Green represented what OG stood for as individuals and a team. We wanted to solidify the sports feel mentioned earlier with a logo which embroidered would look powerful, just like a traditional club crest. In creative exploration, the letters quickly took a solid, sharp shape forging a hexagon, a classic OG look

OG x Red Bull

When we teamed OG up with Red Bull we couldn’t help but take the iconic art style and make a little teaser

Creative & Execution

We began by mapping out a collaborative project management board where the players, our senior designers, creative director, Red Bull staff and a team manager were able to share their thoughts. The brand was finally revealed through social media with a striking video revealing the players on the roster and a soundtrack made by our creative team

Less is More

Building on the trait of succinctness, we developed a social media strategy which enforced a 70 character limit on Tweets (half of the 140 maximum at the time), team result assets utilized “>” or “<“ in the place of loss and win and the team’s account would only follow players and alumni of the organization (and us <3)

always remember


The fusion between the most recognised brand in DOTA2 and the most recognised energy drink in the world was not immediately visible. The first step was changing green to blue. Then, the Red Bull logo was inserted into the top part of the crest, thus retaining both the solid OG letters with a slight twist and the already recognisable hexagon shape. New OG was born.

The New Look

We developed the official OG team wear and official merchandise which would be seen at Valve’s first ever announced $3 Million Major in Frankfurt. An additional revamp and work on the jerseys was made in 2018, just in time for the team's historic The International 8 victory

The Voice

In 2017, our partnership evolved into full-scale Social Media operations and coverage bringing consistent content and life to the already impressive channels of the team. We were honored to be part of their first march towards the Aegis as the squad won The International 8. They extended that to The International 9

we also had some fun



After their Frankfurt Major victory, the support of RedBull and RedBull Media paid off. OG would go on to win another three Majors in Manilla, Boston and Kiev within the next 11 months. With over 1,000,000 followers across social media channels, OG has become not only the most followed team in DOTA 2 but also in esports. The team accomplished one of the most spectacular feats in esports by taking home The International not once, but twice, cementing the brand as one of the most legendary organizations to ever grace the landscape

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